Why does lighting need to be designed?

Why does lighting need to be designed? Let's start with a simple house. The basic functions of the house define the use of different spaces in the house.

"Isn't lighting just putting lights on?" Yes, this is the idea of countless people, just bright enough, where you need what design. This type of lighting is to use the least number of lamps and try to use the cheapest way to achieve the brightness required for life.

So we're going to see this way of glowing a lot.

It's true that it can provide a very uniform amount of light that meets the basic needs of the space with a minimum of lights, but what does this lighting feel like? Efficient and inexpensive.

But is that enough? Let's describe it.

The ceiling light in the bedroom shines on you, can you relax?

Restrooms are basically like public restrooms. Why can't you see clearly? The light is from top to bottom, there will be shadows on the face, if you want to put on makeup, shave or something, is the light enough?

Needless to say, the courtyard and the doorway are basically not taken into account.

"Let's see what a designer light does"

We've re-lit these spaces, attention! Ready to turn on the lights!

Compared with the previous comparison, we find different experiences in different spaces, so there is a question I want to ask you, since we pay attention to decoration and furniture, why not pay attention to lighting?

In the bedroom, we arranged light strips to the ceiling to provide basic brightness to the whole space through diffuse indirect lighting; Floor lamps provide a uniform light for interruptions throughout the space, and the whole space is softly lit.

The human design of the toilet has a light that provides reading downwards, an indirect light that provides the whole space upwards, and a light that illuminates the face in front of the mirror.

The study has floor lamps to provide mid-section lighting behind you, and table lamps are placed on the table.

The dining room is equipped with chandeliers to define the area of the dining table, and the focus is on food.

The living room provides light for the displays, and a light trough above the TV provides diffuse light for the entire space.

In the courtyard, floodlights are installed to illuminate the trees, making the trees a scenery in the dark.

Using the variation of light sources and fixtures, lighting design can create a comfortable and attractive visual environment for your space, not just enough.

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The basics of lighting

It's often said that lighting is both an art and a project, but in summary, the art of design is made up of a set of guiding principles. By understanding these principles, electrical distributors demonstrate their expertise and differentiate themselves. In this way, when they communicate with the owner, they can start with the customer's needs (application scenarios) and end with customer satisfaction (equipment sales).

Layering of light

In general, the layering of spatial lighting includes "General/Ambient Lighting", "Task/Focus Lighting", and "Accent Lighting".

technology of lighting

In addition to the basic lighting layers, a variety of techniques can be used to achieve specific lighting effects. These include downlighting (downlights), wall washing/wall wiping, cornice lighting, upward lighting, silhouettes, and flashes.

What is lighting design

When it comes to lighting design, many people have a misconception: isn't it just about installing a lamp? What's so good to design?

Basic knowledge of indoor lighting design (4) illuminance, brightness, glare, shadow, color display, etc

Basic knowledge of indoor lighting design (4) illuminance, brightness, glare, shadow, color display, etc